Headshot Photography for Hutchinson Networks.

Hutchinson Networks are a high growth tech company headquartered in Edinburgh. They provide fast, secure and resilient cloud computing solutions to big corporations and public sector organisations around the globe. Clients include a well known consumer electronics brand, a large airport, and a major police force. If you’re reading this you’ve probably used their systems recently.

As Hutchinson Networks continue to expand they needed a new website to update their online presence. However they can’t show off their work with case studies. Dealing with big brands and critical infrastructure prevents the company from listing most of their clients on the new site. Cloud computing infrastructure isn’t particularly photogenic either. Therefore headshot photography is an important way to show expertise, and create a human face for this brand.

Colin (Marketing Director) understands this situation, so we were allowed plenty time – and a perfect room – to shoot the team photos. Initially we were hoping to take headshot photos of all the senior management team in one day, but it was impossible to get so many busy people together in one place. We divided the sessions between two days instead, which added enough time to also shoot some of their sales team. We even managed to get some bonus PR photos with the CEO and COO.

I’ve worked with a lot of startup founders and tech companies, so I understand that busy people don’t always enjoy having their portraits taken. Luckily my friend / colleague Olga agreed to assist for this job, partly to hold reflectors but mostly to chat to the staff and make the process more relaxed and informal. Hutchinson Networks branding guidelines request using natural light when possible – a wise decision when photographing reluctant models. We had to bend this rule and use some flash, but having a window as a keylight is certainly less intimidating than a conventional studio setup. It looks a little inconsistent but everyone was happy with their photos.

If you are looking for photos of your team please feel free to get in touch. I’m always interested in working with new people. Just send a quick email to hello@iain-robinson.com if you’d like to discuss your project.






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