Asia Scotland Institute: “Expert Insight on Asia from Global Leaders in Business and Politics”

Asia Scotland Institute is a non profit organisation with a core mission to promote understanding and collaboration between Scotland and Asia.

Scotland and Asia have historically strong cultural and economic links, but after the UK’s referendum to leave Europe this relationship is more important than ever. While Scotland faces years of uncertainty over how to retain export markets and remain in the EU, businesses operating in high growth economies further east will have a far better chance of success.

Founded by Roddy Gow in 2012, the Institute facilitates connections between global leaders from business, cultural and diplomatic circles at high impact networking events in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Briefings by speakers with expert knowledge on Asia, such as Alan Rosling, Sir Tony Brenton, Lord Green, Jang Jin-Sung, Anson Chan – and discussing a wide range of topics from contemporary Chinese art, to regime change in North Korea, to radical Islam – are hugely valuable to anyone with an interest in investing in Asia. The Institute’s contacts and expertise can help provide a path for entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to expand into Asia, and likewise help attract inward investment to Scotland.

I am delighted to endorse the very high level of professionalism that Iain Robinson has brought to the Asia Scotland Institute. The quality of the filmed interviews and record of our events have added greatly to enhancing our image and raising knowledge of our activities.

Roddy Gow OBE
Founder & Chairman, Asia Scotland Institute

We filmed an interview series with speakers from Asia Scotland Institute events to convey key points from their presentations in a shorter and more internet audience friendly format, and frame them within the context of the Institute’s central purpose. This helped position the Institute as Scotland’s most influential source of expertise on business, culture and investment opportunities in Asia, and also creates demand for future events by demonstrating the quality of previous speakers.

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