AirBnB Portfolio

Interior photography portfolio of holiday lets around Edinburgh, shot for various owners renting property on AirBnB and

These photos follow best practise as stated in the AirBnB photography guidelines – natural looking light, and details showing the individuality of the apartments.

Good quality photos help maximise profit during the Festival and increase occupancy in off-peak seasons. Contact me at to book a shoot and upgrade your listing!

Iain captured everything we were after with the shots for Airbnb. We wanted both the mood and the character of the flat portrayed and feel he really nailed it with his selection of both wide angles and detail. This will definitely boost our bookings and our ratings.

Sam Chapman
Airbnb Host / Co-founder of Panda & Sons

AirBnB Photography FAQs

How should I prepare my flat for taking photos?

Your photos should be a one-off investment that lasts for years, so it’s essential to show the property at its best.

The most important factor is to make sure the flat is clean and ready for guests. It should at least be in the condition that guests expect to experience when they book their stay. Every scuff or speck of dust will show up on camera. Cleaning your apartment in real life is much faster and cheaper than cleaning it in Photoshop!

Please make sure the lights all work – I don’t need them to take the photos but it sometimes looks better to have them switched on.

The property shouldn’t have people living in it while I’m taking your photos.

How long does it take to shoot and edit my photos?

I need at least an hour to shoot a small flat. If possible I like to spend more time because this results in better photos. Straightening lamps and furniture, arranging pillows and cushions, hiding cables etc all adds up.

Editing photos to look natural can be a slow process. I edit all my own photos because editing is as important as shooting and outsourcing can be unreliable. Depending what other jobs I need to do it usually takes two days to deliver edited images. If you need them sooner I’ll do my best to accommodate this, but please let me know before the shoot.

I’m often able to work at short notice, but always need to prioritise longer term projects. If you need photos urgently and I’m busy I can put you in touch with another reliable photographer.

How much do AirBnB photos cost?

I charge £99 for twenty photos of a property in Edinburgh with up to two bedrooms. Additional photos are £25 for five. Therefore with larger properties I charge another £25 per bedroom.

If you have a flat in a good area this will provide exceptional ROI.

Why is this so surprisingly affordable?

I enjoy shooting AirBnB photos because it is a relatively straightforward process compared to other work. This doesn’t require meetings and bureaucracy. It’s a good way to keep improving my interior photography in between bigger jobs.

What if I list rooms individually?

No worries – assuming you are happy to use the same photos of communal areas, exterior, lockbox etc it’s the same as shooting a regular apartment with multiple rooms.

My standard prices listed above are based on the assumption that there are no people in your apartment. Working around other people is possible, but waiting for guests to check out and housekeepers to clean rooms is a slow process. If you really need photos done while guests and cleaners are present I charge £275 per half day (up to four hours). Please bear in mind that the photos will be much better if your apartment is empty.

If you’re renting a room in your own home you still need photos of communal areas and exterior, so this is the same as shooting a one bedroom apartment. If you really only need fifteen photos I can do that for £75.

How many photos do I need for my listing?

AirBnB specify a maximum of 25 photos per listing in their photography guidelines. It seems sensible to keep within the recommended amount unless you have a larger property with several bedrooms. If your apartment needs more pictures vertical photos can be combined into diptychs.

Do I (the owner) need to be there to supervise?

No, I’m quite happy to do your photos on my own if you send me the entrance code. This is helpful for me because it can allow more time.

That said, if you would prefer to be there it’s great to have your input. I appreciate that sometimes owners like to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. Please feel free to bring your laptop or watch TV if you just want to be present to oversee the process.

Can I use the photos for other portals such as

Yes, you are welcome to use the photos for anything you like except selling them. Copyright always belongs to the photographer (i.e. me) unless by prior arrangement. In practise this doesn’t really matter, as the photos are usually only useful to the property owner (i.e. you) and therefore unlikely to have any commercial value. If your architect / builder / interior designer / anyone else would like to use the photos please put them in touch with me directly to arrange a license fee.

What areas do you work in?

Anywhere in Edinburgh, usually the New Town, Old Town and Leith. I’m happy to work farther afield and can provide photography in St Andrews or Central Glasgow for £15 travel expenses.

Does weather matter?

Short answer: no. Long answer: sometimes.

Generally speaking, cloudy weather is better than strong sunlight for interior photography. However for AirBnB photography strong sunlight can be beneficial – it helps your property look welcoming and gives your listing a holiday feel.

If you have a nice view from the windows it would be optimal to aim for a day with high visibility. Obviously we can’t control this, and in Scotland we can’t even always predict it. This is another reason why I prefer to spend more time shooting a property – there is more chance of getting some shots that have good light outside.

How do you shoot and edit AirBnB photos?

This depends on your property, but always using a mix of flash and ambient light. I love using available light but most apartments look best if I add a little flash. Some rooms look best if I use mostly flash.

For interior photos I combine several exposures to make each finished image. Then I remove scuffs, marks, snagging, wires, fire alarms etc if your required turnaround time allows me to.

How will you deliver the photos?

Files are rendered as jpegs to the optimum standards recommended by AirBnB. This is the same resolution that specify.

I like WeTransfer because it’s the simplest option for you – all we need is your email address.

If you would prefer Dropbox or Google Drive to keep a cloud backup that’s no problem, just let me know.

Do you keep backups of my photos?

I aim to keep backups for at least six months but can not guarantee this. Please keep at least one extra copy of the files on a separate device if you might need them again for listing on other platforms.

Anything else I should consider?

If you have any other questions please ask.

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