Living room at Castle Wynd apartment Living Room in Johnstone Terrace Apartment, Edinburgh Dining table in tenement living room. Photography for Airbnb listing. Bedroom in High Street AirBnB apartment Open plan modern apartment with pop art decor AirBnB listing photo of living room in Cumberland Street, Edinburgh New Town Dining table in AirBnB apartment, Cumberland Street Kitchen in converted townhouse in Manor Place, Edinburgh Living room with period features and contemporary furniture in Stockbridge. Photography for listing White coloured living room in small tenement apartment, Old Town AirBnB listing photo for studio Apartment in Leith Bedroom in Pitt Street Apartment, EH6 Interior photography for AirBnB listings - Museum Apartments, Edinburgh Georgian building with holiday apartments in Edinburgh Old Town Living and dining space in Ironmonger Apartment Twin room with white decor in Leith holiday apartment Ensuite bathroom with black and white marble. One point perspective, natural light Bed in Leith Walk AirBnB apartment Living Room in holiday let apartment in Edinburgh Old Town Shower Room with marble tiles listing photography showing bedroom in Edinburgh New Town Exterior view of Old Town tenements beside Edinburgh Castle

AirBnB Photography

AirBnB Photography. Holiday Lets Photography. Property Photography. Interior Photography.  Whatever definition you use, photography is the most important aspect of every short let listing.

Making a good first impression with bright and natural photos helps book more guests.  Optimise prices in busy seasons and maintain occupancy levels during quiet seasons. Maximise profit from your apartment.

I provide photos specifically for holiday lets and short term rental in Edinburgh. Combining interior photography and property photography shows your listings in their best light.  Whether you’re listing your own flat or managing other peoples’ I’m happy to help. Text me on 07927936636 or email hello@iain-robinson to find out more.

Iain captured everything we were after with the shots for Airbnb. We wanted both the mood and the character of the flat portrayed and feel he really nailed it with his selection of both wide angles and detail. This will definitely boost our bookings and our ratings.

Sam Chapman
Airbnb Host / Co-founder of Panda & Sons

Holiday Let Photography FAQs

Who is this for?

These images are intended for people who have decorated and furnished their apartments well. They are ideal for newly renovated or purpose built holiday accommodation.

I also shoot listing photos for people renting out their own homes and holiday homes.

How should I prepare my flat for taking photos?

Your photos are a one-off investment which should last for years, so it’s essential to show the property at its best.

The most important factor is to make sure the flat is clean and ready for guests. It should at least be in the condition that guests expect to experience when they book their stay. Every scuff will show up on camera. Windows and reflective surfaces are especially noticeable. Cleaning your apartment in real life is much faster and cheaper than cleaning it in Photoshop!

I’m happy to provide more detailed advice about property staging and styling, please let me know if you would like assistance.

How long does it take to shoot and edit my photos?

It takes at least an hour to shoot a small flat for listing portals.  Where possible I like to spend more time because this always results in better photos. If you’ve decorated and furnished a nice flat your photos should convey that investment.

Editing photos well can be a slow process. It usually takes at least two business days to deliver edited images. If you need them sooner I’ll do my best to accommodate this, but please let me know before the shoot.

If you always need fast turnaround photography I can also provide conventional property photography. This will still look better than most peoples’ listings.

I’m often available with a week or so’s notice. If you need photos urgently and I’m busy I can put you in touch with another reliable photographer.

How much do AirBnB photos cost?

My fees are comparable to property photography companies in Edinburgh. This means I can spend longer shooting and editing your apartment than their freelancers would for the same price.

If you have a flat in a good area this will ensure your listing looks better than other listings nearby.

Please text or email me for details.

Why is this so surprisingly affordable?

I enjoy shooting holiday let photos because it’s a straightforward process which delivers clear value to the client. This doesn’t require meetings and bureaucracy. It’s also a good way to keep improving my interior photography in between bigger jobs.

Do I (the owner / manager) need to be there to supervise?

It’s always best to meet new clients in person to discuss how you would like your listings to look. If you have any particular preferences about angles, compositions, lighting etc I’m happy to work to a brief.

Going forward I’m happy to work on my own if you don’t have time to oversee the shoot. This is helpful for me because it can allow more flexibility with timing and weather. Shooting smaller properties is always faster if nobody else is there; for larger properties it doesn’t make much difference. And yes, I have insurance.


Can I use the photos for other portals such as

Yes, you are welcome to use the photos for portals such as and Plum Guide. If you have a website you can use the photos there too if you credit me.

Copyright always belongs to the photographer (i.e. me). If your architect / builder / interior designer / anyone else would like to use the photos please put us in touch directly to arrange licensing.

What areas do you work in?

Anywhere in Edinburgh, primarily the New Town, Old Town and Leith.

I’m happy to provide photography in St Andrews, Central Glasgow and farther afield if you cover travel expenses.

Does weather matter?

Short answer: no. Time of day is more important.

Generally speaking, cloudy weather is better than strong sunlight for interior photography. However sunlight can be beneficial for AirBnB photography  – it helps your property look welcoming and gives your listing a holiday feel.

If the light is continually changing due to clouds passing then everything will take longer.

If you have a good view from the windows it would be optimal to aim for a day with high visibility. Obviously we can’t control this, and in Scotland we can’t even always predict it. Choosing the correct time of day will be more important than weather – let’s discuss this before you schedule photos.

If it’s important to show the view please make sure the windows are clean. Yes, it’s worth saying this again!

How do you shoot AirBnB Photos?

This depends on your property but I usually add flash to ambient light. Available light is ideal but most apartments look best with some flash. Some darker rooms look best if I use mostly flash. The images on this page vary from all natural to all flash.

Finished photos are made by combining several frames to create a natural look. I remove scuffs, marks, snagging, wires, fire alarms etc if your required turnaround time allows.

AirBnB Plus listings don’t use flash. This keeps their photography looking consistent across the platform. It’s rarely the best option unless your apartment has great available light. Most property photographers just fire one flash at the ceiling for every image. This looks ok for fast turnaround jobs but won’t stand out on booking portals.

If you have invested in buying and decorating your apartment then it’s worth investing in better photos.


Do you provide property photography in Edinburgh?

Yes! I supply photos for the some of the best Estate Agents in Edinburgh. If you need a property photographer I’m happy to help.

What’s the difference between AirBnB photography and property photography?

Property photography (a.k.a. real estate photography) is informational and objective. Wide angle shots from corners. Show the whole room in one image. Show the buyer exactly what they are getting. Property photography is intended to be used once (whether it’s ESPC or Savills) to entice potential buyers into visiting a property then making an offer to buy it.

Interior photography is more emotional and subjective. Tighter compositions and better light. One point compositions. Capturing the design is more important than the layout. Sell the atmosphere of the space. Interior photography is used across print adverts, booking portals, press, social media etc for years. It’s more creative but more technical too.

Holiday let photos are a combination of both. Your listing should sell the atmosphere and experience of being there. Part interior photography to showcase decor, furniture and style. Part property photography to show potential guests what they will get when they book your apartment.

How will you deliver the photos?

Files are rendered as jpegs to the optimum standards recommended by AirBnB. This is the same resolution that specify.

I like WeTransfer because it’s the simplest option for you – all we need is your email address, no sign-up needed.

If you would prefer Dropbox / Google Drive / iCloud to keep a cloud backup that’s no problem, just let me know.

Do you keep backups of my photos?

I aim to keep backups for at least twelve months but can not guarantee this. Please keep at least one extra copy of the files on a separate device if you might need them again for listing on other platforms.

Anything else I should consider?

If you have any other questions please text or email me.



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