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Selling property is often a life changing transaction. Your property photography should reflect this.

Showing every home in it’s best light attracts more offers. This also attracts more sellers.

Having consistently good photos doesn’t just make your shop window look better. It shows potential clients that they can expect good results. Every listing will have the same high standard of presentation.

If you’re looking for a property photographer in Edinburgh I can help.

I provide photos that look consistent with Edinburgh’s leading agencies, for a fixed price regardless of property valuation. 

If you sell property in Edinburgh you know that the best estate agents all have very similar photos.  Good local property photography agencies use an identical technique for their images. This allows them to supply a high volume of work at a similar standard.

I supply photos using this same technique to one of the best agencies in town. It’s the only way to keep a consistent look across multiple listings while providing next day delivery.

However I can justify more effort shooting and editing than agency staff for a very competitive price. Dealing directly with the photographer is a better deal for everyone.

Email or text 07927 936636 if you’re interested in working together.



If you let property on short term rental portals I can help with that too. I supply holiday lets photography specifically for holiday lets. FWIW this is why I got into property photography. Holiday lets photography is a long term investment which requires complex lighting; property photography is allows me to work faster.

Selling property and renting holiday accommodation require very different images.

Combining hospitality techniques with real estate photography efficiency generates far better results on AirBnB or It’s a slower process but provides great ROI. If you own flats in good areas of Edinburgh please have a look at my holiday lets page and get in touch if you would like to find out more.




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