Interior photography of hotel function room Restaurant room with Christmas decorations Cocktail bar interior in Black Ivy hotel, one point perspective Exterior photo of hotel with Christmas decorations in windows and garden Hotel suite with winter sunlight and Christmas decorations in window Hotel room in winter with snow outside window Interior photography showing front room of Little White Pig, Edinburgh Restaurant main space at Little White Pig. One point perspective interior photo. Interior photography - detail with lamps and wall art Little White Pig - one point perspective showing bar and window seating from main restaurant space Swimming Pool at Edgehill

Interior Photography for Hospitality Companies.

I love shooting interiors because of the combination of creative and technical challenges. I’m always amazed by the amount thought and effort that goes in to creating a hospitality venue. Making photos of interiors is one of the few times in life where it’s ok to be a perfectionist.

More importantly, interior photography creates great ROI for the client. Having better photos helps you stand out.

Interior photography is an essential marketing asset for bars, hotels and restaurants. Every great hospitality company has great venues. Your space is a central part of your brand. Showcasing the ambience and design of your venue brings more new customers.

Edinburgh has so many brilliant bars, hotels and restaurants. Usually there are a lot of people visiting our city. This year will be challenging for everyone until travel restrictions are lifted. However this is a great time to shoot new photos. I can work much better while premises don’t have customers around.

During lockdown I offer deferred payment terms for hospitality businesses. It’s totally feasible to shoot your premises without risk of spreading coronavirus.

T&Cs determined on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.


Interior Photography FAQs

What’s the first step in doing new photos for my business?

Let’s talk about what you need and what will work best for you. Please send a quick email or call me on 07927 936636.

Please include your company name and address. If you have branding guidelines and / or photography guidelines send them over too.

How should I prepare my premises for photography?

Your space needs to be as clean as possible. If you need photos in high resolution any speck of dust will be visible. It’s much faster to clean your venue in real life than clean it in Photoshop.

Place chairs and tables where they look best but don’t worry about setting everything up precisely. I’ll line everything up to the camera.

Stock the bar and gantry with bottles you want to show. Got some nice wine for the top shelf? Get it up there. Special offers? Put them somewhere visible from eye level. Water any plants a day before we shoot.

If you would like to show menus and POS please make sure they are clean. Remove any warped or damaged ones.

Please make sure you know how to adjust all lighting. Sounds simple but sometimes it isn’t. If you need to combine interior lighting and daylight I probably need to switch the lights on and off for every photo.

How much time does this take?

Interior photography is a slow process. I need to arrange all the furniture and make everything look as perfect as possible. Please allow at least a half day. I need one responsible person to be present in the building. You don’t need to physically help with anything.

It’s also important to consider what time of day will be best. Daylight is good for places that serve food. After dark works well for bars.

I shoot a lot of exposures and combine them to make a natural looking photo. This editing takes a long time.

How do you ensure safety during the pandemic?

Any venue is big enough to maintain safe social distancing.

Please make sure all door handles are disinfected. Windows must be left open or ventilation on before I arrive.

If you think you might have been in contact with anyone who has coronavirus we can reschedule.

I only work in Central Edinburgh until further notice.

What do you charge for interior photography?

I price hospitality photography on a case by case basis. I always price work to offer a clear ROI based on your individual situation. Price is per photo based on value, usage and costs. Discounts for clients with multiple locations or who need ongoing work.

If you are an independently owned company closed due to lockdown restrictions I can defer payment until after you are allowed to open again.



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