Banshee Bikes: “Real Bikes for Real Riders”

Widely regarded as the best mountain bike suspension system available, Banshee Bikes maintain their place at the forefront of the sport through a combination of cutting edge design engineering and a rigorous testing programme, incorporating feedback from high end athletes all around the world. Banshee frame geometry and KS link (Keith Scott) suspension kinematics are often imitated but never surpassed. As mountain biking rapidly grows from an underground sport to a central part of our tourism sector – Glen Tress trail centre is Scotland’s second busiest visitor attraction – it’s easy to forget that the progression of the entire sport was facilitated by a few innovators and entrepreneurs who had the vision and design expertise to create modern bikes.

With a small team but a global presence Banshee contribute to grass-roots level sport and trail building, giving back to the bike community through a rider and trail builder development programme.  The real USP that makes them stand out from other brands isn’t just the quality of geometry and kinematics; it’s the fact that the company is run by people who are totally involved in the sport. We showcased this brand integrity by taking photos of Keith testing prototypes himself, in locations that represent what the bikes are capable of – and what the company is all about.

Banshee Bikes worked with Iain to get photos of our bikes in action that represent our brand well to a global market. He has an amazing ability to capture vivid images even when conditions are not ideal. He has also helped find locations and get unique angles to add drama to even stationary images. Iain is easy to work with, reliable and passionate about whatever he is capturing. I’m already looking forward to our next photo shoot.

Keith Scott
Owner, Banshee Bikes

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