CAFE Filter deployed in shipping container, East Lothian test 2021 Horse and CAFE filter CAFE250 water filter Dr Stephanie Terreni Brown, founding director of Clean Water Wave Water test sample at CWW East Lothian trial Filtered and unfiltered water samples Off grid water source in East Lothian Horse with water filter Animals at farm with arsenic contaminated water, East Lothian

Clean Water Wave – East Lothian Farm

Clean Water Wave’s CAFE250 filter system. The CAFE250 water filter is built into a standard shipping container for easy deployment in remote locations. Designed to run continuously in adverse climates, the system cleans water to EU standards without needing mains power of replacement parts.

This trial was conducted on a farm in East Lothian where the local ground water supply has high levels of arsenic contamination. The filter successfully removed arsenic and other pollutants, providing a safe water source for people and animals living here.




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