Edinburgh: Scotland’s Capital City.

Edinburgh is one of the most photogenic cities I have ever seen, which is a big factor in my decision to live here. It’s a small place, but also the capital city, so there’s usually something interesting happening. Visually, Edinburgh wears its history on the outside. You can literally see how the Enlightenment redesigned its identity from the fractal chaos of vertical Old Town closes into the planned proportion of the New Town. The combination of unique geology, history and culture have shaped an inspiring cityscape – this must be one of the most photographed places on the planet. Every day I see people taking photos: views of the Castle, selfies at Holyrood, Arthur’s Seat. Tourists on photo walks capturing every iconic street and statue. It’s difficult to get past the cliched images until you spend more time here to catch the right light.

Most of my favourite photos of the city were just achieved through simple persistence, constantly looking for new viewpoints and returning to them until I caught the right light. Weather forecasts and Magic Hour are helpful but ultimately it’s all just down to probability – if you take a camera up Salisbury Crags enough times you will get a good photo eventually!

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