Iain Robinson – Video Reel 2016

Filmed and directed by Iain Robinson, with some invaluable production and organisational assistance from Zoi Kantounatou and Adam Purvis.

Interviews: Zoe Jackson MBE, Sandy Kennedy, Nicola Surgeon, Bob Keiller, Victor Alexiev, Alistair Bance, Linas Ceikus.

Locations: Isle of Wee Cumbrae (big thanks to the Poddar Family for letting us use their Island), Forth Rail Bridge, Salisbury Crags, Harburn House, RBS Gogarburn, Bute House, Zorba The Buddha, Ardoch, Pitlochry, Glen Feshie, Falls of Bruar, The Hermitage, Calton Hill, Loch Shieldaig.

Band footage is King Eider. Soundtrack by Vessels – thanks for letting me use it!

This reel is work I made by myself because the projects shown wouldn’t permit a conventional specialist crew – bringing a team would have interrupted the events and generally been counter productive. I do prefer collaboration though – if you are looking for another set of eyes for your production please get in touch.

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