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Cycling or walking to work is a great way to keep fit. Active travel improves employee health, morale and productivity. It’s cheap, fun, and good for you.

Scottish Active Travel Network is a Sustrans initiative to enable more workplaces to choose sustainable transport. This will result in a happier and healthier workforce – and help reduce local air pollution and national CO2 emmisions. All in all, a big win for everyone.

We are looking for volunteers to feature in this campaign.

Real people with real businesses. People who would like to live in a healthier and more sustainable society, and who can donate a little bit of time for a good cause. In return we can offer you free publicity – this campaign will be seen by businesses and public sector organisations all across Scotland.

Specifically, we are looking for professional people (or professional looking people) of all ages and ethnicities to participate in a quick photo shoot during their commute. This can be scheduled for whatever time is convenient, after work seems best for most people but I’m happy to do mornings or lunch breaks if that’s easier for you. Initially we are concentrating on Edinburgh and Glasgow as most people work in these cities.

Interested? Please send me a quick email at if you would like to get involved.

You can find out more about Scottish Workplace Network on the Sustrans website, or contact project coordinator Jen Muir at

Active Travel Photos FAQs

Please can you explain more about the purpose of this project?

Sustrans is working to encourage more commuters to choose active travel. Active travel is a ‘gateway activity’ which helps people adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle. It’s also a very cost effective way to reduce strain on NHS services, and has a significant impact on economic productivity.


I don’t cycle, are you looking for people who walk to work?

Yes, definitely. It’s equally important.


What should I wear?

For cyclists we need to avoid high vis gear and lycra – everyday clothes only please. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a helmet or not.


How long will this take?

Fifteen minutes should be plenty, but if you have more time that’s great.


This sounds cool but I’m too busy to help, can I forward it to someone who would like to get involved?

Yes, if you could forward this to a friend or colleague that would be super helpful.

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