Keith Scott testing the Banshee Legend at Bonaly Trails


Bonaly is the local downhill / freeride trail spot for Edinburgh. It’s steep, technical and really rooty. If you like mountain biking and live in Edinburgh then this is the best place to find proper hand made trails in the area.

This photo shows Keith riding one of his prototypes on a jump near the top of the hill. I like how it shows the speed and boost he could reach on a small backwoods trail. This bike is designed for racing on big mountains, hopefully we managed to show that in our own local spot.

Bonaly isn’t your average Glen Tress style official trail centre – it’s built and maintained by local people. Please be ultra careful and check everything on the push up before you ride it. There’s some big drops that need commitment but if you scope it out on the way up it isn’t dangerous.

Nothing is surfaced and everything is sketchy. That’s why it’s fun.

To get here you can easily follow the main cycle path from The Meadows along the canal past Fountainbridge until the turnoff for Bonaly – first left after the tunnel. Then climb the hill past the school and the scout hut to the car park for the Pentland Hills. Follow the path to the left across the burn and up the hill through the trees until you see bike trails – when you reach the summit and can see the city again you have reached the start.



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